Green Fee

# 9 Holes 18 Holes Cart Hire 9 Holes Cart Hire 18 Holes
Visitor $15 $22 $20 $35
Member Guest $12 $17 $15 $25

Membership Rates

Membership Category Playing Rights Annual Subscription
Valid for 12 months after joining. After 12 months, theĀ  member then needs to select which category they want to join, and they will then be charged that category's fees on a pro-rata basis to the end of the club's membership year.
7 days a week $170
Ordinary Member 7 days a week $450
Veterans Member 7 days a week $370
Sports Member
Six month
7 days a week $225
Country Member
Residence over 35km from course
7 days a week $250
Distance Country Member
Resident over 100km from course. May hold a club handicap. Ineligible to compete in club medal events, championships, etc.
Maximum 8 rounds. $140
Working Junior Member
Under 21 Years
7 days a week $210
Student Member
7 days a week $80
Social Playing Member
Cannot hold a club handicap, and cannot play in club competitions.
7 days a week except during club competition times. $250
Social Member
No playing rights.
No playing rights $20

Membership Year Valid October 1 to September 30th.