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Plan where you will put your first roll of cork by measuring how wide your cork roll is and how wide the wall is. You will want to start towards the middle and work your way out. This way you can avoid ending up with a tiny 3″ roll of cork on the end, which won’t look great.【Get Price】

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Prepare Your Wall For Cork Tiles. In order to not destroy the wall behind the cork board, we decided to use underlayment between the cork tiles and the wall. The underlayment is screwed to the wall using wood screws into studs so that it doesn’t bulge. If ever we take this large cork board down we will just have to fill a few screw holes and .【Get Price】

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Print a pumpkin-carving stencil of the design onto a transparent sheet. Step 2 Use a computer or overhead projector to shine the image onto the wall. Tack sheets of cork to the wall to cover sections of the image at a time.【Get Price】

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Cork your wall. Build your space. Make it yours.【Get Price】

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Large Cork Board for Wall. This giant DIY cork board wall would be perfect for a dorm room, office, kitchen or a kid’s bedroom. You can make it in a small size to fit over a desk if you so wish. Check how to adhere it to the wall by clicking on the above link.【Get Price】

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I’ve seen larger cork boards made up of individual mats, but I didn’t want to see any seams and was worried that the finish would look like we’d just stuck a load of mats to the wall. To keep any joins to a minimum, we used a large roll of cork with an adhesive backing instead of individual pieces.【Get Price】

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