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Shiplap cladding (Whitewood) - Savoy Timber

Planed joinery softwood machined from top quality Scandinavian timber.The perfect timber for sheds and other outbuildings.With a cover of approx 112mm per board and is approx 12mm finish thickness.Available in lengths up to 5m【Get Price】

How to install shiplap cladding on your shed

To pre-paint the cladding it is best to use some sawhorses with a 4x2 timber on top to increase the number of cladding sections that you can paint at one time. How to use shiplap cladding at corners Looking at the detail below you can see the detail how the two corner panels attached to each other. Sketch of corner trim【Get Price】

Shiplap Cladding | Exterior Shiplap Timber Cladding

One of the many reasons shiplap timber cladding is ideal for sheds, cabins and summerhouses is due to the superior protection from the weather that is provided by the wooden boards. Thanks to the profile of the wood, the boards are able to contract and expand accordingly to the climate without warping.【Get Price】

Wood materials for sheds and summerhouses | Timber shiplap .

Loglap timber cladding Although very similar to shiplap cladding, ‘loglap timber cladding’ is well known for its rustic look, making it the perfect choice for style conscious homeowners. From the outside, loglap timber mimics that of a log, which can often recreate the look of a log cabin when used effectively.【Get Price】

Timber Shiplap Cladding For Sheds | Shiplap Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding has a wide range of uses, offering a durable, style-conscious solution in the creation of a variety of external structures. With its ability to be resistant to the elements, our range of timber shiplap cladding for sheds is designed and treated with a solvent-based, highly weather-resistant paint to offer effective protection all year round.【Get Price】

Which Garden Shed Cladding is Better – Ship Lap or Log Lap .

Ship lap cladding is often used in the construction of garden sheds. As the name suggests, ship lap cladding gets its name from the way ships were built in the past. In this type of cladding, the profile of the wooden board overlaps the board next to it.【Get Price】

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