how to build a tin roof over a camper

How to Build a Roof Over My Camper: The Professional Guide

Connect the blocks with wood beams to form the roof posts, the height of the posts would be decided by the camper and its features. This includes any external equipment that you may have on the top of the camper such as the air conditioner and so on. For most of the time, you should add 1 foot to the total height of the camper as a precaution.【Get Price】

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The holes should be at least 1 foot deep. Set the posts in holes 8 or 12 feet from each other to form a rectangular outline. Measure the height from the ground to the top post to make sure your camper will fit. Mix the concrete with water according to the manufacturer's instructions and pour it into the holes.【Get Price】

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Applying Metal Roof To a camper【Get Price】

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Build the rafters on the ground and then lift them onto the roof. The rafters should be in a triangular form with an additional piece of 2 x 4 going straight up the center. The amount of rafters needed will depend upon the size of the roof. The rafters should be placed every 2-4 inches for proper support of the roof.【Get Price】

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If your state and local building codes allow, you can install a tin roof instead of a normal shed or garage roof to save time and money. A tin roof, while relatively inexpensive, still maintains its reputation for excellent durability. Install one by following these simple instructions. Disclaimer: Before completing this project, check with .【Get Price】

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adfing a roof or covering yo your deck, built roof for camper deck, how to put roof on deck, shed roof over a deck, steps of adding a shed roof over deck Below are 24 best pictures collection of how to build roof over deck photo in high resolution.【Get Price】

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