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Wood Preservatives. • Creosote (1831) ... Leading wood preservative mfg.'s amend ... Oxine copper (bis Copper-8-quinolinolate) ... including plywood, OSB,.【Get Price】

Efficacy of Alternative Preservatives Used in Dip Treatments ...

plywood boxes were dip treated with alternative wood ... and 1.2 percent copper-8-quinolinolate in solution were ... provided effective protection for plywood.【Get Price】

Copper Naphthenate - Preservative-Treated Wood and ...

such as the use of dust masks and gloves should be used when working with wood treated with copper naphthe- nate. Oxine Copper (Copper-8-Quinolinolate).【Get Price】

Wood Preservation on the Farm - Province of British Columbia

attempts at wood preservation involved application of water-repellent materials ... Copper 8-quinolinolate – This material is widely used for sapstain control on freshly ... slats, plywood or galvanized steel to separate the food from the framing.【Get Price】

PI276/PI276: Wood Preservatives - EDIS - University of Florida

A description of wood preservatives registered for use in Florida is also provided. ... such as utility poles, fence posts, marine pilings, lumber, timbers, and plywood. ... Oxine copper (copper-8-quinolinolate or “Copper 8”) is a greenish brown...【Get Price】

Copper-8-Quinolinolate Chemistry for Specialty Wood ...

30 Jun 2002 ... That's an apt description of copper-8-quinolinolate, the active ingredient in wood preservatives used for decades in diverse and demanding...【Get Price】

Evaluation of Wood Species and Preservatives for WisDOT ...

Pressure treatment preservatives and pressure-treated wood . ... Copper-8-quinolinolate is an organometallic preservative comprised of 10% ... example, sheets of plywood could be placed on stack of posts (with additional stickers between...【Get Price】

Preservation of Wood Material by Chemical Techniques

Coal tar creosote is the oldest industrial wood preservative and has been used in ... It is manufactured by condensation of copper 8-quinolinolate and nickel...【Get Price】

Selection and Use of Preservative-treated Wood - ISU ...

Commercial wood preservatives are classified as either oil-type ... naphthenate and copper-8-quinolinolate. ... must, of course, be used for treating lumber or ply-.【Get Price】

WOOD PROTECTION: - Forest and Wildlife Research Center

stain fungi, which discolor but do not degrade the wood. However, ... Copper-8-quinolinolate, also called oxine copper or Cu-. 8, which protects ... include plywood, orientated strand board (OSB), hardboard, and particleboard. Some of these...【Get Price】

What Different Types of Wood Preservatives Are There?

15 Jan 2010 ... Many water-borne preservatives use copper or a copper-based compound as the main ingredient, as is the case with chromated copper arsenate...【Get Price】

Copper 8-Quinolinolate Risk Assessment ... - Federal Register

11 Jul 2007 ... Copper 8-quinolinolate is used as an industrial wood preservative to control ... plywood and particle board (wood composites); dry lumber; and...【Get Price】

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission

8. NAPHTHENATES. 38. 9. COPPER QUINOLINOLATE. 40. 10. ... New chemicals for wood preservation are constantly being developed and ... Standards Australia, Preservative Treatment for Sawn Timber, Veneer and Plywood, Australian...【Get Price】

Wood Preservation - Western Wood Preservers Institute

Contents. Wood Preservatives 15–1 ... Lumber and plywood for permanent wood foundations. C22 ... Oxine copper (copper-8-quinolinolate) is an organometalic.【Get Price】

Selection and Use of Preservative Treated Wood - WoodWorks

Solution: wood preservatives and/or surface barriers ... such as plywood, PWFs, highway construction, utility poles, piling and ... Г Copper 8 Quinolinolate (Cu8).【Get Price】

Evaluating ACQ as an Alternative Wood Preservative System

1 SECTION 2: CCA and ACQ 3 Wood-Preserving Industry 3 Arsenical Wood ... copper-8-quinolinolate (Cu-8), copper naphthenate, zinc naphthenate, boric acid ... Chen and Walters (1979) treated southern yellow pine plywood with different...【Get Price】

4b Wood Preservation Study Guide - Ohio Department of ...

“Ohio Pesticide Applicator Training Wood Preservation. Student ... approved for aboveground use in lumber, timber, bridge ties, mine ties, and plywood ... Oxine copper (copper-8-quinolinolate) is an organometalic compound, and the.【Get Price】

preservation manual - Food and Agriculture Organization of ...

Wood preservation manual. Mechanical Wood Products Branch. Forest I ndustries Division. FAD Forestry ... (TBTO), copper 8-quinolinolate and copper napthenate. It ... Unless plywood is specifically made wholly of sapwood or perme-.【Get Price】

Guide for Use of Wood Preservatives in Historic Structures

sary, by use of wood preservatives. Moisture is the ... Wood preservatives are generally grouped into two cat- egories: ... Oil-based copper-8-quinolinolate was recently standard- ... This listing applies to the lumber and plywood used in per-.【Get Price】

treated wood | Beesource Beekeeping Forums

16 Apr 2009 ... Treated plywood is more then double the price of a regular sheet of 3/4 in. ... of the treatment is to preserve the wood, not kill insects that come into contact with it. ... napththenate, copper 8-quinolinolate and acid copper【Get Price】

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