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Plastic paneling is very easy to install, making it an easy drywall alternative to recommend. You can simply screw most plastic paneling into place and you will be able to cover up walls directly. You can put them right over the studs, so it’s really convenient overall.【Get Price】

10 Types of Drywall Alternatives for Your Walls

Lath and plaster used to be a more time consuming wall surface to install, however, over time, the system has evolved and is now a quicker and easier form of wall to install, and makes a nice alternative to drywall. The system requires running wooden slats horizontally across the area, called lath, and it creates a backbone for the wall structure.【Get Price】

Wood Paneling: An Alternative to Drywall and Paint

Another option is peel-and-stick panel strips that come with self-adhesive strips on the back. These products require no nailing; just peel away that backing and apply to walls. In addition to requiring no nailing, these products come bundled in packs of planks, allowing for varied layouts.【Get Price】

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Pegboard is not exactly an alternative to drywall, but in modern houses, it has become all the rage. Pegboard walls are usually installed in storage rooms or garage. They would make an excellent option in a walk-in closet too. As the name says, a pegboard is wall with small holes in it.【Get Price】

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Textured Wall Panels These panels are called textured or 3D to distinguish them from other wall coverings such as paint, wallpaper, or fabric. The panels are made either of thin plastic or a type of dense, pressed paperboard similar to egg cartons.【Get Price】

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Wood planks are an age-old drywall alternative that has certainly stood the test of time well. These wood planks allow you to give your home an elegant and rustic feel without the maintenance issues that come with traditional drywall.【Get Price】

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Veneer Plaster Considered a high-end wall option, veneer plaster is an application system that involves applying one or two coats of thin plaster — with tint or without — over Blueboard, which is a special gypsum board. The board is used because it has advantages over drywall like being harder and easier to fix.【Get Price】

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