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Timber can be impregnated easily at home, but the impregnation liquid will not penetrate through the entire timber. In order for timber to have very high resistance to humidity, fungi, sunlight, rot and termites, timber impregnated by pressure treatment should be bought.【Get Price】

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In industry, impregnation of wood is primarily done with an autoclave under a pressure of up to 1.4 meganewtons/m2 (14 kilograms = force/cm2). The pressure treatment of unseasoned wood includes butt treatment, autoclave-diffusive methods, and successive drying and impregnation.【Get Price】

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Wood impregnation treatment in autoclaves using the vacuum under pressure system. People love and appreciate living and working in environments with finishing and panelling wood, they value its warmth and the incomparable unique natural beauty that no other mineral or synthetic origin material has. However, these qualities are penalised by a single factor: durability. As【Get Price】


Pressure-impregnated wood has been through an impregnation process. The purpose of using wood preservatives for the pressure impregnation of wood is to protect the wood from microbial degradation by rot, fungal attacks, insect attacks and to extend the natural durability of the wood.【Get Price】

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Pressure impregnation of wood poles for preservation Download PDF Info Publication number US4567115A. US4567115A US06/635,868 US63586884A US4567115A US 4567115 A .【Get Price】

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Pressure impregnation – The process developed in the 19 th century is still used today. Dimensional lumber is loaded into a pressure vessel, sealed and flooded with a water soluble mixture of borates and sometimes other addtives. The liquid under high pressure is forced into the wood. Later the wood is removed, dried and transported.【Get Price】

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