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Now price out your HVAC for the first floor. Basically build a small house which has all of the essentials. Now calculate the additional material cost of doubling the square footage and factor in the added labor of getting that material to the 2nd floor, a cost that wasn't incurred in building the envelope for the first floor.【Get Price】

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In my condo building, the price difference was around $7,000 to $8,000 as you move up each floor for the same unit (all units new) in terms of the listed price.【Get Price】

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(2200 sqft 1st floor, 800 sqft 2nd floor, two car garage, 3 bathrooms, 300 sqft of patios and porches) Frequently asked question: Why is the two story less per sqft for the same size home Answer: When comparing a one story and two story of comparable square footage, a one story is typically more expensive to build than a two story especially .【Get Price】

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Pros of living in a first-floor apartment. Cost . The biggest factor in favor of a first-floor apartment is that it usually costs less to rent or buy.【Get Price】

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This report stated that the person paid an average of $84 per month when living on lower floors vs. $120 per month on the top floor. This represents an annual cost difference of $432. Because of this evidence and other reports on general guidelines for cooling apartments, it seems that it is cheaper to keep a lower floor apartment air .【Get Price】

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After living in a house for years, i will be moving soon into a condo or apt until i graduate college. (im in my 30's) my sister and i have been looking at places and the 1 place i am leaning towards, has given me the choice of 1st or 2nd floor. my sister said 2nd floor can be more secure as far as theft goes, they cant break in thru the balcony. my concern about 2nd floor, is i will have my .【Get Price】

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Choosing which apartment floor to live on can impact your day-to-day life. Make sure you consider the implications of which apartment floor you live on.【Get Price】

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