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Wood impregnated with flame-retardant chemicals, like this Exterior Fire-X lumber from Hoover, is an economical choice for a fire-resistant deck. Hoover's treated southern yellow pine scores a 15 in flame-spread testing (25 or below gets a Class A rating).【Get Price】

How to Fireproof a Wooden Deck | Exotic Gardens

Fireproofing a wooden deck is a great idea and it really will offer protection and peace of mind. However, if you already have an existing deck in place, this may be impossible to do. You can take steps to lessen the chance of fires such as: Move all fire sources off and away from the deck if possible.【Get Price】

Fire Resistant Deck Material: Wood and Composite Decking

The objective of creating fire rated composite decking standards is to try to ensure that a deck would still be intact and show no evidence of flaming or glowing 40 minutes after the burner used during the testing has been turned off. If the material passes this test, it is considered to be a fire-resistant deck material.【Get Price】

Fire Resistant Decks - FIRESafe MARIN

Download the IBHS Fact Sheet on Fire Spread on Decks Regardless of what type of deck board is used, ignition can occur from an accumulation of combustible material (grass, leaves, needles) under the deck. Embers can readily ignite this debris during a fire. Enclosing the underside of the deck is one method to reduce the risk of ignition.【Get Price】

Fire Resistant Decking Materials - Everything You Need To Know

They currently hold the industry title for one of the highest fire rating of any decking material. They are mold-resistant and provide good insulation. They are also non-combustible, meaning that they won’t emit any toxic gas in case of fires. A regular 6-inch AAC block can withstand fire for almost 4 hours.【Get Price】

The Most Fire-Resistant Decking: Composites vs. Ipe

The first test was the open flame test. For this test, we placed each of the boards facedown on the fire pit and then we stoked the fire as hot as we could get it, well above 650 degrees Fahrenheit! We kept the boards on the fire pit for 15-20 seconds and then took them out to see if they had caught of fire. First was the Cedar board.【Get Price】

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