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Due to the higher cost of the equipment and the added labor of safety around the electrostatic spray gun, you can expect to pay anywhere from $55-$70 per hour for a professional electrostatic sprayer. On the bright side, materials for electrostatic painting will typically be 30-40% cheaper, sometimes even 50% cheaper than traditional methods.【Get Price】

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The cost of electrostatic painting is $57.09 per hour (plus cost of paint). Cost of Electrostatic Painting $57.09 per hour (plus cost of paint) - Range: $53.17 - $61.01【Get Price】

2021 Powder Coating Cost | Electrostatic Paint Prices

Electrostatic painters generally charge rates between $55 - $70 per hour. Powder coating, on the other hand, is usually charged per piece. Costs for powder coating range from as little as $45 for a small piece like a stool or railing to $250 or more for larger pieces like a couch frame or door.【Get Price】

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For either electrostatic painting or powder coating, you’ll pay an average of $716 with a typical range of $383 and $1,132. Electrostatic painting averages $60 per hour with a typical range of $55 to $75 per hour for on-site labor. Powder coating runs from $40 to $600 per part - not including transportation to and from the shop.【Get Price】

How Much Does Electrostatic Painting Cost In 2020?

Considering the enormous and painstaking preparations required to make it work (not to mention the very slim margin of error), paying the additional $55 to $70 per hour for the overall electrostatic painting cost is simply a reasonable investment when it comes to ensuring the individual’s safety.【Get Price】

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40%-70% for electrostatic spray line 35%-65% for hand spray: Coating cost per gallon ($/gal) $10-$25 for solvent/waterbased stain $30-$45 for solvent/waterbased clear coats $35-$45 for solvent/waterbased paint $25-$40 for solvent/water reduced UV $45-$60 for 100% solids UV: Coating Cost: Represents coating cost for a given time period: Coating .【Get Price】

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