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As soon as I let the clutch out, my 4x4 light on the floor turns on and I'm in 4WD. The nice thing about this is that I now have 2WD Lo. Once I got the kinks worked out (and a switch I actually liked) it's worked like a champ. It's even better now that I don't have to use my father in law's 1/2 ton truck to pull mine out of the driveway.【Get Price】

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ALL MY VIDEOS ARE in 1080p HI DEF, so check that outjust an idea on how to convert a column shift steering column to appear as a floor shift columnthanks for.【Get Price】

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The Truck Megashifter sits taller than the Quicksilver. The Quicksilver is a little over 12" tall, while the Truck Megashifter sits taller. An no, none of the shifter knobs have a button on top. However, the Lokar shifters have a button on top, you depress it and you shift from one gear to another.【Get Price】 automatic floor shifter

Lokar XFMS6400AN Floor Mount Shifter Kit with Black 23" Double Bend Lever and Black Mushroom Knob for GM 400 Transmission 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 $308.95 $ 308 . 95【Get Price】

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Notes from previous posts: When you connect the cable at the transmission, put the shifter in P ( park ), go under the truck and make sure all the play is out of the cable. pull it off the trans shift ball bracket, extend it out and see if it lines up with the ball, if you need to move it either way you need to readjust the ball bracket to the .【Get Price】 • Push button 4wd vs lever on the floor .

I'm looking at possibly buying a 2010 silverado that has the 4wd selector as a lever on the floor. My previous Tahoe was a push button on the dash and I've test drove new trucks with the knob on the dash. Im guessing the lever is the non-electric version of 4wd. My question is are there any real differences between the two? Is one more reliable .【Get Price】

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i've been through this problem. My understanding is either option of the dash mounted switch or manual floor lever passes through an electric actuator. i'v had the four wheel drive go out on "manual" engage chevy's and push button trucks. once on the lever because the wiring harness came unplugged from the transfer case. best advice is to check harness/ actuator/ 4wd button assembly.【Get Price】

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Does anyone know if you can convert a electronic (dash switch) 4x4 superduty to a manual (floor shift) 4x4. Because I found a killer deal on a electronic 4x4 F-250, But 4x4 and electronic don't go together when you add snow.【Get Price】

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