should pressure treated lumber be used for boat seats

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The ASQ pressure treated plywood like you buy at Home Depot will eat/corrode your aluminum boat and it also has a very high moisture content that will render flooring adhesives into worthless goop.【Get Price】

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The primary reason not to use pressure treated woods in boats is that the species used in those products have lower durability (rot resistance) than those traditionally preferred in boat building such as long leaf yellow pine or pitch pine. Here is Canada white spruce is often used for pressure treated products.【Get Price】

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In the end, marine plywood is ideal for building boats, houseboats and other water projects. Regularly treated plywood is good for everyday projects around the house, such as wall and floor sheathing. However, there is no harm in using marine plywood for nonwater projects. Since marine wood is waterproof, it will last longer than treated plywood.【Get Price】

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Pressure treated plywood, however, is not suitable for marine use. The treatment of plywood with copper and arsenic compounds under pressure simply does not make the plywood waterproof. Worse yet, continuous exposure to water will leach the preservative chemicals from the pressure-treated wood.【Get Price】

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Pressure Treated ply - This plywood is treated against rot, caution must be taken when using any treated wood due to the toxic chemicals involved. This plywood is basically cheap exterior grade ply that is then treated for rot and insects.【Get Price】

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I would stay away from using treated lumber. Treated wood reacts to some metals. As far as carpet Fleet Farm sells a carpet with a rubber back that woks well and use stainless steel staples. I have redone my boat trailer along with others this way.【Get Price】

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Advantec. Pressure treated & aluminum are a no-no. Advantec is cheaper then PT anyway, and is rated for 50 years.【Get Price】

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Find out if it's ok to use pressure treated wood in your aluminum boat. Only you can be the judge【Get Price】

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