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Decking costs anywhere from $200 - $1000 per square metre, depending on the type of timber and specs of your deck. Expect to pay in the region of $200 per square metre for treated pine decking, $320+ per square metre for hardwood timber decking, $350+ per square metre for composite decking and $1000+ for elevated cyclone rated decking【Get Price】

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How much does decking installation cost? You will also need to know the approximate cost of decking installation. It can cost between $320 and $500 per square metre to install and the price should include the hardwood decking. That might work out to:【Get Price】

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To know the total cost of the boards, we need multiply the price of one board by the total number of boards. If one board costs $7: 72 * $7 = $504. The boards will cost $504. To know the cost of decking, let's add the price of the pack of screws to the price of boards: $504 + $98 = $602. The total cost of deck flooring is $602.【Get Price】

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Timber decking costs vary depending on your choice of timber - pine is the most commonly used and the cheapest, but there are a variety of other options such as cedar and redwood. Basic timber decking boards can be bought as garden centres for as little as £15 per metre squared.【Get Price】

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Average cost per m 2 of prep chemicals, sandpaper and equipment Calculated cost based on RRP of Cabot’s deck clean 1L, sandpaper and decking brush per m 2 $ per m 2 Average cost per m 2 of decking oil and applicators Calculated cost based on RRP of Cabot’s Natural Decking oil and applicators per m 2【Get Price】

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So how much does it cost to build a deck, per m2, per deck type? See below some indicative deck pricing, priced in August 2019 from a local merchant. This pricing is only for the decking itself, no piles, bearers, joists, concrete or labour, all of which you’ll need, including an auger or your time & hands to dig each pile hole.【Get Price】

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Generally, deck builders charge around $170 to $210 per m2 for decking services. They usually provide fixed estimates depending on the size of your composite deck. In Australia, deck builders from NSW charge the highest rate for labour. They typically quote on a per square metre basis. Western Australia: $170 to $180 per m2【Get Price】

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