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How to lay down your own inexpensive wood floor and make it look gorgeous! In a past life I had thought of the idea of buying solid oak plywood, cutting it into strips and using it as inexpensive solid oak flooring and I was told that I was an idiot and carpet was chosen instead (a far more expensive option when I had already exhausted my budget).【Get Price】

Make Your Own Plank Flooring-Using 1 x 12" Lumber – Hallstrom .

Make Your Own Plank Flooring-Using 1 x 12″ Lumber We started off by purchasing 1×12” fir from a local guy who has a small saw mill for his vast amount of timber. It’s always fun to dream of new creations when we go there. One thing when going through a small saw mill is the price of lumber is so much cheaper than the local hardware store.【Get Price】

Make Your Own Tongue and Groove Hardwood Floor Panels

Hardwood floors are durable, add value to your home, create an environment where dust does not collect over time, and there is an endless choice of woods to use. There are a few options in the market when covering your floor with hardwoods. All things considered, there is no better way to cover a floor than to do it by yourself.【Get Price】

Mill Your Own Wood Flooring - This Old House

Rip the new boards. Measure the face width of the existing flooring, add the width of its tongue, then set the table saw's fence that same distance away from the blade. Now cut the new boards to width by running the tongue side against the fence. This removes the groove, which you'll re—create in the next step.【Get Price】

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Vinyl plank flooring is currently the easiest wood-look plank flooring option to install yourself. For a long time laminate flooring was considered the easy DIY wood-look flooring because it has an easy to install tongue and groove system, and only needs some minor DIY skills such as properly measuring and sawing your pieces to fit.【Get Price】

What Is Composite Wood Flooring? | eHow

Homeowners can choose between hardwood flooring and soft plywood for composite wood flooring. The soft plywood composite flooring uses a tongue-and-groove system. Manufacturers create these composite wood floor panels either by sawing through cut veneer with a rotary blade or by peeling a rotary-cut veneer with a knife blade.【Get Price】

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Making your own flooring is a big step with alot of things to keep track of. I wouldn't buy anything over 8% moisture content. Kiln dried. (air dried won't cut it) You want to keep the boards about 3/4" thick because you need about a 1/4" thick tongue with that wide a solid wood board.【Get Price】

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