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The type of exterior wall cladding you settle on will determine the aesthetic of your home, so think carefully. While older properties benefit from brick cladding to maintain a traditional feel, modern homes suit the sharp edges and stylish finish that metal cladding creates.【Get Price】

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The most common usage of the term, however, usually refers to the wall covering. Many different types of exterior cladding are available including siding, shingles, masonry, concrete, and stucco. Vinyl siding is a popular exterior cladding. By far the most common cladding type is siding.【Get Price】

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Natural stone cladding by Bellstone comes in sandstone, bluestone, slate and quartzite varieties. External wall cladding in natural stone is ideal for feature walls, pool areas, retaining walls, stairwells and fireplaces as well as around columns and fountains. Choose a natural stone that harmoniously fits in with your setting.【Get Price】

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I. Interior Wall Cladding: The cladding should have a proper finish. It should be moisture resistant. It should be resistant to stain and hide them as much as possible; It should be easily washable. II. Exterior Wall Cladding: Renders protection to the walls against weather conditions. It should be aesthetically appealing.【Get Price】

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External cladding – External wall cladding has multiple different purposes, from improving weather resistance and thermal insulation (when fitted with standard insulation products) to improve the appearance of a building. Cladding on the exterior of a structure can protect the building from the effects of sun, rain, and snow, while also .【Get Price】

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HPL Exterior Wall Cladding Sheet by Durian Laminates DURIAN Exterior Compact Grade Laminate (ECGL) is a s..【Get Price】

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Types of Exterior Wall Cladding. In order to selecting exterior wall cladding panels, you need to consider more than just aesthetics. Cladding materials must be appropriate for regional climate as well as conform to local bylaws. They must also contribute to energy efficiency and minimize maintenance efforts. There is also the challenge of .【Get Price】

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The durable assortment consists of different materials with unique appearance and properties that are used for facade, roof, wall, ceiling and floor. Types of materials. The largest assortment of low maintenance exterior wall cladding consists of the following materials: Plastic, Fiber Cement, HPL, Stone and Stone Strips. PVC wall cladding【Get Price】

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Wooden Sheet Siding – Simple sheets of plywood are installed for exterior walls, commonly used on inexpensive buildings. Log – Built with logs so the exterior is logs stacked on top of one another in an interlocking design. Each of these sub-types has its own set of pros and cons.【Get Price】

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The choice of exterior wall cladding is an aesthetic one that must also be appropriate for the climate you live in. Cladding is primarily a protective layer between your home and the external elements. Before you purchase, be aware of any regulations or bylaws in your area that could apply.【Get Price】

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Cladding is an envelope that protects the exterior of a structure by acting as a shield to the dwelling unit/structure from environmental elements. A cladding should be able to tame inclement weather conditions like torrential rains and heavy winds, preventing them from infiltrating a building structure. Besides, it may also add to the aesthetics of […]【Get Price】

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Types Of External Wall Cladding Brick is a popular material for building modern buildings. Facade cladding of such houses can go in several ways – all of the above options are equally used, and also siding, sandwich panels are added to them.【Get Price】

What Are The Different Types Of Cladding?

8th November 2018. Different Types Of Cladding. What Are The Different Types Of Cladding? Cladding acts as a protective barrier around the outside of a building to help regulate the interior atmosphere, preventing external elements from affecting the main structure while creating a pleasing aesthetic appeal.【Get Price】

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• How long it lasts depends on the type of cladding, but most cladding systems are quite durable and last up to 50 years. 3. 1. Stone cladding • Stone cladding is comprised of thin layers of natural or simulated stone (simulated stone is much cheaper than real stone) on the exterior of homes or buildings. Homes with stone cladding tend to .【Get Price】

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