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In small gardens in particular, fences provide a valuable opportunity to grow climbers and carefully chosen shrubs. It’s important to choose the right plant for the right aspect - sun-lovers like morning glories rarely thrive on a north facing fence. The RHS Plant Selector can help with choice. Clematis. Size and vigour are important too.【Get Price】

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Clematis are great on wire fences and trellis because the leaf stalks grip anything they can twine round. But take a look at the tags on the plants in the garden centre and check heights because there are some clematis that really do romp away.【Get Price】

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Winter-flowering climbing plants, and wall shrubs like silk-tassel bush (Garrya) and Wintersweet (Chimonanthus), will also benefit from warmth early in the year and will flower more freely against a south or west-facing wall.【Get Price】

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Solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’ flowers later in the season, from midsummer into autumn, with copious amounts of star-shaped mauve-lilac blooms with bright yellow centres. This is a hardier variety than other potato vines, with semi-evergreen leaves, making it a better choice for UK gardens.【Get Price】

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Sweet peas are a classic cottage garden climber that we normally grow as an annual for cut flowers. Lathyrus latifolius, also know as the everlasting sweet pea, is a perennial species that is ideal for growing up a sunny fence. ‘White Pearl’ is a wonderful variety that is popular for its pure white flowers that are produced throughout summer.【Get Price】

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Any fence supported by posts will create drier soil at the base. Soil around posts will be particularly arid due to their blob of concrete and footings. Whatever you plant, make sure to : Plant the roots about 12 inches away from the fence and lean the top part of the plant into the fence and tie that lot in.【Get Price】

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